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CycloRetro FAQ:

For further questions please contact me via Messenger on my Facebook Page

Where do I send my parts?

To place an order please download and print out the Customer Work Sheet and fill it out including ALL details and send to the address on the form. 


If you cannot download or print out the form please include the follow information when you send your parts to me:

1. Your Name

2. Your Address

3. Your phone number

4. Your email address

5. Include a list of what you want done to ALL your parts. (I'm not a mind reader so be very specific and clear)

and that information and all your parts to:


Chris Howard

U 14, 158 Chesterville Rd


Vic 3192


For International customers please keep the declared value under $800 Australian Dollars to avoid taxes and delays.

What's the usual turn around time?

Around the beginning and end of the year the usual turn around time is 8 weeks. Mid year the turn around time is about 6 weeks.

Can you do custom pantograph and drillium?

Yes. With good reference material supplied I can do just about any design.

Do you sell parts or bicycles?

Yes but only in store. Sometimes parts and bicycles are sold via Facebook groups.

Do you paint bicycles?

No. But I can arrange to have your bicycle painted to original spec or customised by local professional and experienced bicycle spray painters with a management and handling fee of $100 plus the painter's price.

Can parts be anodised after polishing and engraving?

Yes, but only those parts which can be stripped down to individual singular parts. Any parts which have other parts attached to them cannot be anodised. The new clear anodised finish is a milky silver and NOT bright like the anodise finishes of the early 80s

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